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Below is a list of the Farm & Craft Markets that I will be attending as well as a number of other events and festivals this year.

A good selection of my work is available at The Harbour Gallery in St Aubin's

& Jane Jame's on Gorey Pier.


Islands ‘Genuine Jersey’ Markets

St Aubin's 

Alongside the beautiful harbour

Saturdays 9am - 3pm



Islands ‘Genuine Jersey’ Markets

Royal Square 

In the heart of St Helier

Saturdays 9am - 3pm


Sat 15 April, Sat 13 May, Sat 3 June, Sat 1 July, Sat 5 August, Sat 2 September, Sat 7 October

22 April, Sat 27 May, Sat 24 June, Sat 22 July, Sat 26 August, Sat 30 September, Sat 28 October