Nature In The Frame - Photography by Kevin Brace | About
Jersey affords us a stunning coastline with beautiful beaches and wild cliffs, expansive low-tide seascapes and some bucolic countryside, the inherent colours of these landscapes being indelibly stained into the islands granite heart and the souls of everybody who takes the time to look.

I look for both splashes of colour and shapes, often seeking out abstract elements that serve to add a different dimension to an otherwise conventional scene. The post-processing element of my work is very important, it’s where I make my mark and interpret the scene according to the emotions that I saw or experienced at the time of shooting and where I can let my creativity really flow.

If I want peace & solitude I head out towards Seymour Tower, exploring the gullies and pools. For drama, Plemont can’t be beaten, particularly when a hoolie is blowing in from the Atlantic and pounding the beach.

You instinctively know when you are onto a good photograph, you don’t need to reel off dozens of shots, a few will suffice. Sometimes a good shot comes out of an ‘ordinary’ shoot, but the buzz you get when you know its right is what its all about.

We love to travel, whether its bumping along Iceland's myriad of gravel tracks in a Toyota camper or waiting for the cloud to lift so we can appreciate our efforts atop a Scottish Munro. Home or away, the sense of being out and a part of the environment within which you roam is priceless and those moments are magic.

All the best,